Sticking with a Sacramento HVAC Services Company That Fixes Everything for Us

Our refrigerator was making a clunking sound when the compressor was running. I called a service company that does everything from Sacramento HVAC services to electrical, plumbing and appliance repair. I first found out about them when searching for a repair company to fix a large commercial clothes dryer we use at our barn. We wash the horse blankets in commercial equipment, and the dryer was on the blink. They fixed it fast. They had a part overnighted. I liked that commitment to service.

The technician came out to look at the refrigerator. They asked on the phone what brand and model we had, and they asked what it was doing. Continue reading →

The ABCs Of Lifting Straps

Lifting straps are designed to move heavy loads. You may have seen them used at a marina or port to hoist up boats and water-transported loads of all sizes. You will see them in use at any construction site to carry beams, trusses, timber and any number of heavy objects. These straps or slings are usually connected to a crane or other lifting device. The slings themselves are of no value without a device to move them around along with the goods they are carrying.

Following are some terms you may encounter when employing a lifting strap:

* Breaking Strength – the weight at which a strap has broken in testing. This number is usually higher than the recommended usage limit.

* Crane – machine used to move goods up and down and/or side to side from one place to another.

* Derrick Crane – a crane with a jib that points up at an angle.

* Hook – a curved piece of metal that connects the load to the cable; may have a safety latch.

* Grade designation – the measure of a chain’s strength.

* Jib – the lifting arm of a crane.

* Lifting Sling – a loop of chain, cable or rope that holds a load for moving; sometimes called lifting straps. Can be made of nylon, polyester, wire rope or chain material.

* Rigging – in construction, describes the moving of heavy loads with chains, ropes or slings.

* Slinger – the person who hooks the load onto the sling.

* Shackle – device used to connect your strap to the load and/or to the hook. Usually u-shaped and closed with a pin or bolt.

* Tower crane – equipment with a jib that sticks out sideways.

* Working Load Limit – the most weight a rope or strap is designed to hold.

The ABCs of Agoraphobia – Definition, Symptoms and Treatment

What is Agoraphobia? This phobia is defined as ‘fear of being of in an embarrassing situation,’ according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. However, this is fairly known as fear of public places where the embarrassing situation might happen. In the US alone, this affects about 1 percent of the whole population, but in the UK about 4 percent have it. Thus, such is developed from panic attacks which then advance into full-blown agoraphobia.

What are the Symptoms?

Agoraphobia does not sound as familiar as other phobias, however, it is actually common. The symptoms are also fairly common, sometimes these are portrayed in movies. Perhaps, after hearing the symptoms, you would identify the phobia.

Some common symptoms include the fear of crowds and of public transport. Then, there is social withdrawal or isolation. The person tends to ‘hide’ from people, this even includes fear in their own neighborhoods. For some milder agoraphobics, they are still able to go out, but they would require being with another person. Lastly, a panic attack which is originally the usual cause of agoraphobia becomes a symptom.

What the Treatment Options are available?

There are many treatment options available for agoraphobia. These treatment options can range from some simple remedies up to therapies. One of the simplest ways of ‘treating’ agoraphobia is by controlling panic attacks. This is said to be the most important since this is the main reason why they do not like to go out. Simply put, if there are no panic attacks, then there is less likely to have any fearful embarrassing situations.

Another available option is a CBT or a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This psychotherapeutic approach works by keeping the anxiety level at a minimum. This helps by changing the person’s view of the fearful events they anticipate. One other approach is EFT or the Emotional Freedom Technique. This works by tapping the body’s points to change the negative emotional stresses. There is also the NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming which is commonly to place a ‘good’ pattern of behavior to follow.

There are also some alternative non-medical approaches like hypnosis and stress management. Hypnosis which uses the mind’s deep state to calm the person and then change the perspective of the fearful events is one treatment option. Stress management, on the other hand, identifies the stressors then provides a more viable option on handling the stress. In turn, when the stress is overcome then, it would be easier to remove all other fears.

Panic Away is a 100% natural technique to stop panic attacks and general anxiety fast without the use of dangerous drugs. Don’t feel nervous about going to the supermarkets, cinemas, public transport or even sitting at the hair dressers again. Take action now and show your mind who is the boss!

Understanding How Creatine Supplements Help to Build Muscle – The ABC’s of Creatine

Creatine is present in everyone’s body in the form of Creatine Phosphate. It is an organic chemical that replenishes energy, particularly during high intensity energy bursts. The average person has roughly 120g of Creatine Phosphate in their system. Creatine is consumed regularly via your diet in foods such as beef and fatty fish. In order to benefit from enhanced performance in your workouts or active periods, you must supplement your body’s natural reserves.

How does creatine work?

How creatine works in your body is a complex process, here is the simplified explanation:

During periods of intense physical activity or anaerobic workouts, your body uses its stored ATP (adenosine triphosphate) as a fuel source for your muscles. As ATP stores in your muscles are depleted, they are transformed into ADP (adenosine diphosphate). It’s at this point that creatine comes into the picture. Since ADP cannot be used by your body as a fuel source for your muscles, it enlists the help of creatine to convert ADP back to ATP which can once again be used as a fuel source.

How will my workouts be different?

During anaerobic exercise your ATP levels are depleted and your creatine levels drop. Supplementing your bodies natural creatine with creatine powder will give you the feeling of sustained energy. As most people find, fatigue sets in very quickly during anaerobic workouts (30-45 seconds), but with proper creatine supplementation, it is not unusual for a person to perform 20-30% more and not feel the full effects of fatigue. In fact, creatine will help you recover faster and make you feel stronger. Now, we are describing this as a feeling, but creatine research and clinical studies now show the claims are in fact reality.

The bottom line?

Creatine powder in itself isn’t a potion that will magically add lean muscle mass to your body. However, scientific research has proven that it will increase the speed and efficiency at which your body can replenish ATP stores. This means substantially increased performance levels thus maximizing your lean muscle mass building potential.

Is creatine safe?

As with any supplement, debate is inevitable. Study after study confirms creatine is safe. Most users report no side effects whatsoever. Any reported side effects are minor in nature and usually the result of external factors not related to creatine…i.e. mild cramps, bloating, headaches, things more easily explained by dehydration or any number of other factors.

Should women use creatine or is it just for men?

Women can benefit greatly from creatine supplementation. It’s not just for men. Creatine for women produces the same results as it does for men; increased energy during workouts, increasing lean muscle and more. Women typically have a harder time increasing their muscle and strength. Creatine will help you increase your strength faster. Creatine has had the reputation for causing water retention and bloating. Not entirely true. Of course you will gain fluid, your muscles are predominantly fluid. This increase in fluid promotes gains in lean muscle and strength. It is a well documented fact that the more muscle you have the more calories your body burns, even during resting periods. Muscle eats fat. Therefore; an increase in your lean muscle means a reduction in body fat!

Which is right for me?

Yes, there are several products on the market. Knowing which one to buy or which one will work for you may seem confusing and overwhelming. The good news is that regardless of which one you use, it will work. Here are the 4 main types available:

* Creatine Ethyl Ester

* Creatine Monohydrate

* Creatine Phosphate

* Creatine Citrate

How Do I Take Creatine?

The old standby of a loading phase followed by a 4-6 week cycle has been labeled as obsolete in the most recent studies. Creatine does however need a “vehicle” in order to transport it efficiently to you muscles. That’s not to say you couldn’t simply mix it with water. Many scientific case studies involve ingesting creatine with water. However, 5 grams of creatine monohydrate, creatine phosphate or creatine citrate (which ever one you choose), combined with 35 grams of dextrose (corn sugar) still seems to have the best degree of effectiveness. A good alternative to dextrose is a sport drink such as Gatorade or Powerade. That way you get the flavor of your choice and the carbohydrates needed to transport the creatine.

Creatine ethyl ester comes in a variety of pre-mixed formulations. Many of these have nitric oxide for an even greater feeling of fullness and energy. Pre-workout creatine powder and post-workout creatine mixes are available on the market and are a great easy way to get your creatine by just adding water.

How long you use creatine is really up to you. Clinical studies have shown no adverse effects on renal function in short term(5 days), medium term(9 weeks), and long term(up to 5 years).

How does creatine affect aging and growth hormone?

Creatine is more than just an energy replenisher. Studies now suggest that creatine has the ability to raise your growth hormone levels. This is great news. In these studies, scientists have concluded that blood level GH was raised solely due to creatine intake. The subjects were not exercising or consuming any other supplement that could have raised GH levels.

Medicine and science have proven to us that as we age, GH levels diminish resulting in frail bones, loss of muscle mass, reduced energy levels just to name a few. Creatine has the ability to enhance GH levels and therefore youthful vigor, health and vitality can be experienced by creatine users who are not as young as their minds feel they are.

The ABCs of Office Inventions – From Staplers to Safety Tools

We use them all the time, but most of us don’t know the history of those useful objects that cover our desks. Did you know that the mother of ex-Monkee Mickey Dolenz was the inventor of Liquid Paper? Read on to learn more about the fascinating history of some of your other favorite office supplies.

The Stapler

The earliest known stapler was developed in eighteenth-century France, at the request of King Louis XV. The name of the genius who fabricated this helpful device for making paper stick together hasn’t been recorded, but we do know that each staple was handmade (from gold, according to some sources) and imprinted with royal insignia.

The stapler is one of those humble but useful inventions that most of us take for granted. It gained renewed respect when, in 2001, a now-classic episode of “The Office” featured-yes-spoilsport assistant manager Gareth Keenan’s stapler trapped in a gelatin dish. As of 2007, “Jell-O Stapler” yielded 1310 Google hits.

The Paper Clip

This handy – if sometimes easy-to-spill – device was invented by Samuel B. Fay, a US citizen, in 1867. However, the wire paper clip, still in wide use today, was patented around 1890 by the British Gem Manufacturing. In a classic example of the “genericized trademark,” the word “Gem” is now used in Swedish to denote “any paper clip.”

A rival story claims that Herbert Spencer, the Victorian polymath who coined the term “survival of the fittest,” strongly influenced Darwin, and almost got to be novelist George Eliot’s husband (he turned her down), also has the invention of the paper clip to his credit. However, there is little evidence to support this story.

The Office

Based on the Latin word “officium,” which meant not only duty (an important concept for those bureaucratic, no-fun Romans) but also a formal position such as a magistrature.

The invention of the modern cubicle, meanwhile, is one of those ironic stories with which the history of technology is rife. (Television was originally intended as an educational device, for example.) Colorado designer Robert Propst, working for Herman Miller, Inc, developed the cubicle as part of a 1965 “Action Office” prototype. It seems Propst was trying to liven up workplace design.

The Mouse

Stanford designer Douglas Engelbart developed the first mouse in 1963. Engelbart’s mouse was not the streamlined plastic device we know today; it used two large gear-wheels, which could be turned (slowly) to move up or down. Today’s ball mouse came a few years later – in 1972, when Engelbart’s colleague Bill English chucked out those two gear-wheels and replaced them with a single ball, able to move in any direction (not just straight up and down).

The Filing Cabinet

African-American inventor Henry Brown patented a fire-safe forged-metal “receptacle for storing and preserving papers” “the ancestor of today’s filing cabinet” in November 1886. The “vertical file” we all know and love had to wait twelve years, until Edwin Seibels, an insurance-office worker, hit on the space-saving idea of hanging files. (Before that, important business papers were often folded into envelopes and stored in pigeon holes.)

The Utility Knife

The original X-Acto knife – one ancestor of today’s box cutter – was invented by Polish immigrant Sundel Doniger, but we’d never have known it if his brother-in-law, one Daniel Gluck the father of US Poet Laureate Louise Gluck hadn’t suggested that hobbyists might find the thin metal knife useful. (Doniger had hoped to market it to surgeons!)

We don’t know precisely who invented the safety knife, or box-cutter, however, it’s modern day re-invention as the Klever Kutter has been featured on “Good Morning America” and The Klever Kutter is so safe that it’s been approved for air transport by Homeland Security. It makes short work of clamshell packaging, but it’s no threat to the user.

Linking Activity-Based Costing and the Balanced Scorecard

Activity-based costing (ABC), activity-based management (ABM) and the balanced scorecard (BSC) are established management methods. They are building blocks of performance management systems. ABC and ABM provide cost and other business intelligence about key business elements including resources, activities, products, services and customers. They enable managers to make decisions that improve cost and profit performance. The BSC translates strategic goals into a set of performance measures balanced according to the important dimensions of performance. It helps communicate and execute the strategic plan by defining success in quantitative terms at each level of the organization.

ABC and the BSC are often viewed as independent methods each with its own purpose. However, they are complementary and offer greater value when linked together. The benefits of linkage include additional performance measures-measures for which ABC is the only reliable source-and more comprehensive decision support.

The BSC benefits from the inclusion of ABC performance measures. These include the cost of activities and activity outputs which are used in the internal business process dimension of the BSC of public and private organizations. This activity information covers support services as well as primary business processes. For private organizations, ABC profit measures by customer, market segment, market area and distribution channel are used in the customer dimension of the BSC.

ABC can provide as much as 20-30% of the performance measures in the BSC. For example, the South Dakota Department of Transportation’s activity-based costing model provided 22% of the measures in the BSC.

The users of the BSC benefit from the analytic capabilities available in ABC. For example, a manager of a transportation department may find that the actual cost of maintaining a mile of highway exceeds the target in the scorecard. ABC allows the manager to access detailed information about the activities and resources associated with maintaining highways. A detailed “drill down” and analysis of this information in ABC may reveal the root cause of the problem and allow corrective action to be taken. Decision support is particularly effective if ABC data can be accessed from within the BSC.

Successfully linking ABC and the BSC requires a different type of ABC model. The BSC relies on up-to-date ABC data on a monthly or quarterly basis, so the ABC model must be up-dated monthly or quarterly and data fed to the scorecards in the BSC.

This ABC enterprise reporting system is quite different from the one-off desk-top models typical of early applications. Data sources unique to ABC-such as employee time reporting–are automated to reduce the cost and enhance the timeliness of data capture. Data feeds from legacy systems or enterprise resource planning systems are automated using extract, transform and load (ETL) tools.

ABC’s role as an analytic decision support tool changes the design of the ABC model and reporting system. The ABC model must be forward-looking to support planning efforts as well as a source of accurate historical performance data. A good reporting system-such as a modern web-based tool-allows managers to access, analyze and display ABC information on their desktop. This reporting capability should allow a manager to follow the trail of investigation from the targeted performance measure in the scorecard to the underlying details in the ABC model.

In summary, linking ABC and the BSC enhances the value of two proven management methods. The BSC scorecard benefits from access to performance measures for the business process and customer dimensions. The BSC also benefits from the analytic capability of ABC to support performance analyses. ABC transitions from costing tool to analytic method supplying up-to-date business intelligence to support performance improvement initiatives.

Why link ABC and the balanced scorecard? ABC and the BSC are proven management methods. They work well on their own, but they work better together. This is why: The balanced scorecard benefits from ABC performance measures for the business process and customer dimensions; Managers use ABC as a diagnostic tool to uncover the root causes of scorecard performance problems; and ABC becomes an enterprise analytic system for performance management

The Required Elements of the PERFECT Cover Letter

What to include in a cover letter is one of the most important parts of your resume. The sole purpose of a cover letter is to strike enough interest to draw an interview, not to tell a meaningless story. The goal of your cover letter is to display your qualifications and attract interest from employers. Your cover letter will determine whether or not the employer even looks at your resume beneath it. This is the first step in making a good impression.

There are two types of cover letters, specific and general. The specific cover letter is detailed for an individual person, an individual position, and an individual company. The specific cover letter will also send a very strong message to the employer that you took the time to individualize your cover letter.

A general cover letter is often addressed in general. The purpose of a general cover letter is to leave options open for general openings, although it states your qualifications and your skills. A general cover letter at times can be an advantage, because it shows flexibility in general job openings. The general cover letter may hurt you if you are applying for a specific position and you are not specifically addressing the individual that you are wishing to get an interview with.

A good example of a specific cover letter is as follows:

Peter A. White

2118 Any Street

City, ST 70909

Telephone: 555-555-5555

Cell phone: 555-555-5555

October 1, 2006

Mr. Parker

Director of Human Resources

ABC Transportation

134 Street Name

Albuquerque, N.M. 78436

Dear Mr. Parker:

I am responding to your advertisement in the Globe news regarding the operator position in close is my resume showing my experience, education, and background.

I have 12 years, driving over the road, reaching as many as 32 different states. I have received several above and beyond awards due to my high performance in customer service. I truly believe customer service is the key to success in any business. I have also never been in any form of incident or accident in my 12-year career. I have received safety awards every year for safe driving. I truly believe I would be an asset to your company.

I look forward to discussing my qualifications with you personally.

Peter White

There are several important tips that can be very useful when it comes to writing an effective cover letter:

1. Do your best to be as personable as possible.

2. Make the employer feel comfortable with you as quick as possible.

3. Distribute personality throughout the letter.

4. Give employer impressions of who you are, what you are about, and what type of character you have within you.

5. Ensure that the employer understands what your intentions are with your cover letter.

6. Make sure the employer is aware of what you’re asking him or her to do.

7. Do not use long-winded paragraphs, instead use short and to the point paragraphs that are swift and simple for the employer to read.

A strong conclusion is where a lot of people fail to realize they can make or break their cover letter. Confidently ask for a one on one interview and show you’re strong willed and interested in this job. Don’t be afraid to make the remark, “I will be dropping by your office some time next week or I will be calling you next week to discuss my credentials.” This is a positive way to get the employers attention, therefore improving your chances of getting the open position. Whatever you do, do not be passive, as this is a sign of weakness in many employers’ opinion.

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The ABC’s Of Money Management Tips For College Students

Being in college is a great way to prepare your future. Money management tips for college student is a powerful starting point that will encourage you to find ways to make money online by finding the best affiliate program. The fact that you are reading this article shows your concerns about the subject.

Four powerful ways to manage your money:

1. Increase income

Do you have income now? How do you increase it? Is it by working longer or starting to make money online?

2. Create multiple streams of income

Some ways to have sources of income:

– Tutoring students such as high school students or junior college.

– Using your skills such as writing, drawing or repairing computers.

– Working part-time at local stores or college.

– Starting an internet business. It doesn’t require a lot of capital nor a company. You can start now.

3. Manage expenses

Reduce your personal expenses such as food, clothing, and transportation.

4. Increase Return of Investment (ROI) in your investment

Learn to invest your money. You can get so much valuable information on investing from libraries or online. There are many sources of investment. One of them is how to make money online by finding the best affiliate program.

I regret that I wasted my college years only for fun and study. Now I realize the importance of understanding money management tips for college students. Money management works the same way like exercising in the gym; you can’t see your muscle built the first time you lift weight, but as you exercise consistently and correctly, you’ll see the muscles develop nicely.

Factors that make Student Auto Loan Approval as Easy as ABC

Many American universities are promoting car-free campuses by offering free bikes to students and charging hefty fees for parking permits. But, if your university has inadequate student housing facilities and limited public transportation service, you need a car to attend your classes.

When you decide to buy a car, you have to undertake the process of auto financing. It is because most of us don’t have enough spare cash to buy a car. Students are overwhelmed by the very thought of auto loans because they are buying a car for the first time and they don’t know much about it. But, if you understand the following factors that are considered by lenders, you will realize that getting approval on student auto loan is easy as ABC.

A for Approval Criteria

Even though lenders have different approval criteria, few things remain common like:
1. You must have a Valid Social Security Number
2. You must be minimum 18 Years of Age
3. You must possess a Certificate of Enrollment(Proof that you are a Student of University)
4. You should earn Regular Income (Part-Time Job is Acceptable)
5. You should have Employment Proof (Employment Verification Letter is Satisfactory)

B for Budget

You must prepare a budget before starting your car shopping. It will enable you to narrow down your list of favorite cars. Once you know your affordability, it will be easy to choose the best-in-your-range car model.

So, list down all your monthly expenses and income along with any allowance that you receive from your parents. Calculate the amount of money that you can spare for monthly payments. It will help you in selecting the ideal student car loan program.

C for Co-Signer

Anyone can be a co-signer as long as he/she has a good credit score and lower debt-to-income ratio. If your parents have lower debt and can manage the responsibility of your car loan, you can ask them to co-sign your student auto loan contract. Don’t worry if your parents stay in another state. Most lenders don’t have a problem with an out-of-state co-signer.

D for Down Payment

The down payment amount is helpful in reducing your loan amount and projecting a stable financial situation to the lender. But, most students don’t have enough cash to make down payment. So, you can ask your employer for an advance or convince your parents to lend you some money. You can even ask your parents to sell their old car to generate money. Trading the old car can also be an option for lowering the loan amount.

So, these are the factors that can help you in passing the test of student car loan with flying colors. Use them and get ready for easy auto loan approval.

Rapid Car Loans provides easy student auto loans approval. Don’t worry if you are a first-time buyer. The low rate auto financing provider offers special first-time car buyer’s program. Apply now and buy your favorite car today.

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Learning the ABC’s of Son Bou, on Menorca

Who wouldn’t be happy to feel the sun on their face after a long dreary winter? Who doesn’t daydream of warm rays, brilliant blue waters, swaying trees and vibrant tropical flowers, after months of being cooped up inside with a head cold? If this sounds like you, it might be time to start planning your next summer holiday. Amongst all the sun, sea and sand type holidays on offer, why not consider one of the true jewels of the Mediterranean? Menorca. This delightful Spanish island (part of the Balearics) is home to some excellent resorts, and none is better than Son Bou. Villas to rent in this superb location will afford you the opportunity to explore and discover the island’s charms at your own pace. Here are the basic ABCs that make it so popular – although we could work our way through the entire alphabet and not run out of reasons!


A summer holiday away from all the cares of your real life can make the rest of the world-with its noise, pollution, and crowds-simply melt away. The perfect weather, clear skies, fresh air, pristine beach, and brilliant blue waters could almost make you believe the modern world doesn’t exist. Spend time hiking through untouched wetlands that are home to many exotic flora and fauna, including birds of every colour and description; walking through the traditional Spanish town of Alaior; or wandering through the ancient remains in the caves of Cap de Penyes – at any time you could very easily believe you’ve stepped back in time.


After a holiday spent in any of the Son Bou villas, most people find it impossible not to return time and again to this spectacular destination. Countless photographs abound on the Internet of the resort’s unbeatable stretch of pristine beach, fringed by the turquoise ocean and a host of holidaymakers looking happy, tanned, and relaxed. These images are not just for show: you would be hard pressed to find a more idyllic spot to enjoy a beach break.

The Son Bou villas make the perfect place to stay for many reasons – but the beach is certainly top of the list. The long stretch of golden sand offers something for everyone. Nearby is a family-friendly park area (as well as the nearby water parks Aqua Centre and Aqua Rock just 30 minutes away), along with fun water sports such as windsurfing and sailing. There are plenty of quiet areas for those who wish to work on their tans, as well as beach bars and restaurants for those looking to chill out after a day in the sun.


Located just half an hour from Mahon, the capital of Menorca, the Son Bou villas are also the perfect bases to explore the rest of the island. Just a short trip away are several other interesting towns and attractions, such as the historic Ciutadella, charming Alaior, and the Port of Fornells. You’ll also have easy access to conveniences such as nearby markets (check out the weekly market in Alaior for fresh produce and local treats) and shops, spas, bars and restaurants. Public transport is reliable, although renting a car will make life even easier – and you can even hire bicycles and go horse riding.

Brenda Jaaback is the Managing Director of Bartle Holidays. They can provide you with a wide selection of Son Bou villas for your holiday on Menorca. Bartle Holidays makes no warranty as to the accuracy of information contained in this article and excludes any liability of any kind for the information.

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